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0% interest up to 72 months may be available!

Continental Sewing Center is proud to offer easy financing thru Synchrony Financial.  Buy now and pay later with monthly financing plans.  To apply, call us (859) 252-0309 for more information.  It typically takes just a few minutes!

Continental Sewing Center is partnered with Synchrony Financial financing to help make your purchases easier!

Through the Sewing and More credit application below, you may be eligible for credit with different repayment options including either deferred interest or a low % interest from 6 months to up to 72 months depending on the size of your purchase.

Why Should I Apply for a Sewing & More Credit Card at Aurora Sewing Center?

  • Provides you with a dedicated Sewing & More credit line to use again and again at Continental Sewing Center
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Low interest or deferred payments
  • No annual fee**
  • Cardholder-only special offers
  • Zero liability on fraudulent purchases
  • A simple application process, and fast credit decisions
  • Periodic Promotional financing options1
  • Apply today for your Sewing and More credit card               
How Do I Use My Financing?
  1. Click here:  APPLY NOW
  2. Fill out and submit application.
  3. When your credit application is approved, notate your new Sewing and More Synchrony account number and your credit limit.
  4. Call our store at (859) 252-0309, OR stop by our store to use your new Sewing and More account number.


Financing FAQ

Q: How is the Sewing & More credit card different from my other bankcards?
A: The Sewing & More credit card extends special financing offers that you may not be able to get when using your bankcards, giving you the ability to make payments over time. 
Q: I already used my Sewing and More or BERNINA credit card once, can I use it again?
A: Yes. You can use your card over and over again at Aurora Sewing Center without reapplying. 
Q: Who do I call for questions about my Sewing and More or BERNINA credit card account?
A: The Sewing and More credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank and their Customer Service phone number is 1-866-396-8254
Q: How do I pay my monthly Sewing and More or BERNINA card account bills?
A: You can manage your account and pay your bills online by CLICKING HERE, or by calling the Synchrony Bank's Customer Service 1-866-396-8254.
Q: How do I pursue an increased credit limit on my Sewing and More or BERNINA credit card account?
A: You can request a credit limit increase by calling the Synchrony Bank's Customer Service 1-866-396-8254.



Feel free to contact us today for more information at (859) 252-0309

6 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $150 and up

12 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $299 and up

18 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $1999 and up

24 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $2999 and up

36 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $3999 and up

48 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $4999 and up

60 Month 0% Financing available on purchases $5999 and up

Most states are community property states so it is best to apply with a joint applicant such as your spouse. Always fill in all the blanks so that we can process your application quickly and efficiently.

If you are retired use your home phone number in the space provided for a work phone number.

If you have any questions about financing feel free to call us at (859) 252-0309

**Financing applies to selcted items.

We also offer a very easy & free layaway plan on any item we sell.

Here’s how our Layaway Program works:

  1. Make a 10% down payment on the item(s) you wish to purchase.
  2. Make payments for the item(s) as you wish during the 3-month layaway period.
  3. When the final payment is made, you can stop by and pick the item up or we can ship the item to you.
  4. There are no fees or interest to pay for using our layaway program.
  5. If you have to cancel a layaway, we do not refund layaway payments but will allow you to apply what you have paid to other merchandise in our store.

The Layaway Program is a free service we offer to our customers. We may also have other payment plans.

Please call us (859) 252-0309 for more details.