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Janome Denim Needles size 16


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Janome Denim Needles (Size 16)The specially designed, Janome Denim Needle Size 16 provides smooth, even stitching. This Janome Denim Needle Size 16 is designed to sew through suede, vinyl, heavy faux suede and leather as well as other thick, non-woven fabrics. Janome Leather Needle Assorted Size Pack has a wedge shaped point for superior piercing power, creating a clean large hole as it enters the fabric. The Janome Denim Needle Size 16 contains five size 16 needles. Use with: All Janome sewing machines (flat back needle type).

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Here's a quick way to tell which color needle you should use for your specific project.

Red Tip Needle - Has a normal tip. Designed for regular sewing on fabrics such as cotton.

Blue Tip Needle - Has a ball point. Designed for sewing on knits and synthetic fabric.

Purple Tip Needle - Has a ball point with a special "cobra" head. Recommended for high density designs and thick fabrics.

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