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FIRST IMPRESSIONS HTV Lilly Inspired Printed Vinyl 12" x 12"

Pattern Vinyl Instructions

1.  Place the pattern HTV on the mat with the pattern side facing up to cut.

2.  Do NOT mirror design.  Cut your design.  Weed away excess vinyl.

3.  The HTV design will been on a clear backing.  But the adhesive is on the BACK on the patterned HTV, so you need to use HTV tape to pick it up off the backing, before applying it to your garment.

4.  Place the clear HTV tape on top of your design.  Take a credit card or a squeegee and press hard to get out the air bubbles and help the tape adhere to your design.

5.  Peel away the HTV tape, so the pattern HTV comes with it.  Now your heat activated backing is exposed and ready to be pressed to garment.

Heat Press:  305 degrees for 15 seconds

Iron:  medium / low heat.  10 seconds even pressure and add additional 5 seconds as needed.  Try to avoid moving the iron