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The new model control box SC-922 has been newly developed. The control box is resistant to voltage fluctuations, noise and vibration. The new model control box is provided with an energy-saving mode for the first time in a control box for sewing machines.
Power consumption during standby period is further reduced. Considering convenience in setup and resource saving, both the volume and the weight of the control box have been reduced by 30 % or more (as compared with the conventional control box SC-510). High-torque AC servomotor M51N with an output of 750W has been adopted. The machine has excellent high-speed sewing performance and a strong cloth-penetrating force. The machine therefore demonstrates a broader range of applicability, from general fabric to extra heavy-weight materials.

Model nameSC-922/M51N
Motor type AC servomotor
Motor output 750W
Power requirement Single-phase 100?120V, 200?240V
3-phase 200?240V
Power consumption It depends on the operating conditions
and installed machine head.
Number of input
Max.24 *1 (for optional inputs)
Number of output
Max.32 *1 (for optional outputs)
Number of basic programs *2 4
Number of basic programs steps 25 sewing steps (per 1 program)

   *1 It depends on installed machine head.
   *2 Basic programs are intended to operate external devices such as the stacker or to ??
change the sewing machine operation during sewing.